James Trainor


Winnipeg on the Hudson

Winnipeg on the Hudson

The Royal Art Lodge knows how to do failure right.

Border Crossings, Aug 2003

In fact this wry art collective has been so good at attracting attention in far-flung places, without the appearance of really trying, that they seem disinclined at present to abandon their beloved hometown of Winnipeg for the sake of career or cash. While in the minds of some Americans their deadpan name might summon visions of dandyish mounties armed with sable brushes and ensconced in comfy armchairs, the six current RAL denizens - Michael Dumontier, Hollie Dzama, Marcel Dzama, Neil Farber, and Drue and Myles Langlois - are actually a group of 20-something friends and siblings who decided to band together after finishing art school. In conversation soon after their arrival in New York.

Michael, Neil and Marcel admitted to a degree of common bashfulness and ambivalence about art scenes, conditions eased by patenting their particular kind of art-making at home, just down the street from their families and long-time friends, with occasional jaunts into the wider world as necessary.